So you need a filmmaker?

You've come to the right spot! A2 is a global filmmaking community and our filmmakers love to work! We will curate 3-5 hand-selected filmmakers in your community to take care of your production needs.

It doesn't matter how large or small your project or budget, we will put your call out to our community and aggregate filmmakers for your video needs. You choose the right fit for you, determine rates and hire them. We connect you to our great talent. 


Next Steps:

To get started, join Audience Awards and upgrade to PRO by paying the $140 service fee. Then email us a project description of your video needs and the location of your shoot. We will put the call out to our filmmakers and introduce you selected filmmakers to interview and hire. On your new Audience Awards profile, you can create a brand page too!


Aggregate videos from multiple filmmakers.

We are experts at aggregating hundreds of videos from filmmakers around the world through our turnkey proprietary contest submission platform. We collaborate with you to build a video campaign that easily integrates into your video + social marketing strategies. We put out a call to action to our Oscar-qualifying, ADDY- and Emmy®-nominated filmmaker collective. Our filmmakers submit high-quality videos according to your call to action, the audience curates and shares their favorite videos and you share rights to the videos.

If you would like earned social media engagement + lots of great videos, run a contest on Audience Awards platform. Prices start at $15K.